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EasyWalker Quick Fix Version 1.01 12.04.2011
I missed some things concerning the arm and leg functions so i made a quick fix version 1.01.

It is available in the download Section

EasyWalker 1.01

EasyWalker released 11.04.2011
Finally EasyWalker is released now!!

You can find it at the download section. I made a short introduction video. So have fun and enjoy the tool.


EasyWalker for C4d: Closed BETA started 31.01.2011
Closed BETA for EasyWalker starts right now. To be one of the first to test this C4d masterpiece, just register at the forum. First come, first serve. So don't dawdle and become a member assumed you have enough time to test it and give feedback.

EasyWalker is a powerfull tool that can quickly build up different walkcycles in Cinema 4D. It also includes a customizable rig to use with your own 3D character. In addition the animator can choose to animate with the rig or to use the integrated Walkcycle builder.